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For further enquiries on our services or access to our detailed curriculum - please submit a form via the Contact Us page 

InHouse Records provides education and workshops, inside of UK Prisons, as a post-release programme and to those not in education, employment or training. 

Our accredited curriculum focuses on four main pathways; Music Production, Music Engineering, Music Business and Songwriting. We encourage learners to choose a pathway that they wish to focus on at the beginning of their time on the course, however we are open to learners exploring more than one pathway if they wish to do so. Our curriculum is broken down into the following modules;

1. Health and Safety In The Studio

2. The Technical Specifications Of Recording Equipment

3. Studio Recording

4. Mixing and Mastering

5. Software Editing Techniques

6. Production Techniques (incl. Sampling and Sequencing)

7. Software Programming

8. Composition (incl. Live Performance)

9. Live Sound Engineering

10. Events Management

11. Music Business

 Our curriculum makes sure to transfer any functional skills that learners are developing to as many varied and relevant situations as possible. We do this by incorporating Functional English, Mathematics, and ICT within our curriculum to help learners progress these skillsets.   

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