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Dangerously Positive


InHouse Records is a simple approach to a complex problem.

Increasing violence in our communities, re-offending, knife crime…What if something as simple as a record label could make a difference?

InHouse Records is an award winning label for change, built on Design thinking, Business innovation and the Music Industry. We are working to reducing re-offending, creating brighter futures, safer communities and seeing less victims of crime.

Operating in multiple prisons and on the outside too, we have redesigned learning by combining the arts and business, through the vehicle of a record label. Focusing on participants strengths by repurposing their old skills, providing aspiration in developing their new skills and creating real choice to foster change and develop healthy dialogue through sustained relationships. 

Dangerously positive, we are InHouse Records.


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Are you interested in volunteering with InHouse Records, or maybe you just want to be kept up to date with InHouse news as soon as it happens. Fill in the details below and we will get back to you. 

Volunteering with InHouse is incredibly rewarding, it's a regular commitment for a set period of time determined between the volunteer and InHouse. All volunteers  undergo a thorough on boarding process which will include a vetting period, training and orientation. 


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InHouse Records is working everyday to provide transformation, opportunities and trust. Our features page offers both a glimpse of our world and a chance to read what others are writing about InHouse Records. Authors for our feature page range from InHouse Staff, organisations whom we share aligned values with and our existing cohort & graduates. 


Inside time

It has been nine months since we launched InHouse Records in HMP Elmley, and we have expanded to a further three prisons, and upgraded our service, as we continue to develop InHouse Records both inside and outside of prison.


Royal college of art

Honoured and humbled to be able to speak at the Royal College of Art about InHouse Records. 

The initiatives that are being highlighted are all making an impact right now, they are not just proposals for innovative new services, they are being actively deployed in townships in South Africa helping get disadvantaged kids from care homes into meaningful careers, transforming the prospects for effective healthcare my Medecin Sans Frontiéres, and these are just three of the projects that will be presented on Monday 25 June. The Service Design Programme at the RCA is unique in both scale and scope, with over 80 service designers most of whom are applying their creativity to transform society through public policy and service innovation.


centre for public impact

In my second year on the Service Design course at the Royal College of Art, I was keen to explore the intersection of design thinking, social change, and enterprise. At the time, I had spent 18 months undertaking extensive research into the UK prison system, collecting insights from prisoners, officers and governors.