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Yusef-Yan New Single May 28th

Hailing from Mauritius, Yusef-Yan has lived in the UK for 15 years. His music is a rich melange of hip-hop, reggae, and his native land’s traditional music, Sega. Yusef-Yan

raps and sings in three languages and plays multiple instruments. His latest single, “Show Me The Way”, released through InHouse Records, hits all streaming platforms on 28 May.

Seggae, the astonishing fusion of Saga and reggae, underlies Yusuf-Yan's work. Think offbeat rhythms, soulful vocals, diverse instrumentation, and lyrical themes ranging from love and relationships to worship of a certain sacred plant. This music is rooted in the island

civilization of Mauritius - centuries of history and culture, the uncomfortable legacy of slavery and colonialism, a myriad of influences from all directions - Indian, African, Caribbean, French, British.

"Show Me The Way" is the first single by Yusef-Yan to be released through InHouse Records. A full-length album is scheduled for later this year.

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