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30,000 Issues

Twelve and a half weeks ago we wanted to create a response to Covid19 for the general prison population. All we had was an idea. Today marks 30,000 copies of our weekly educational journal being delivered. Our idea, became a route for purposeful engagement, a magazine about music, life and change.#music#journal#educational#engagement#covidー19#dangeroulsypositive#InHouseRecords

Today myself and other InHouse Records Staff delivered our 30,000th copy of Aux Magazine. Our response to Covid19 in support of HMPPS to provide meaningful and human centred engagement for the general prison population, because being contactless doesn't mean we can't be human.

We are delighted to have been featured in The Big Issue focusing on the impact of our work, and also in Print Week & Print Magazine as Aux is explored for its beautiful aesthetic approach by the magazine's creative director Hannah Lee. It is a real team effort, with InHouse staff members, all experienced in delivering session in prison, pivoting their skill set to become educational journalists.

Additional contributors to the magazine include prisoners and graduates of InHouse have expressed their gratitude at the opportunity of meaningful work, describing it as a positive boost to their wellbeing and mental health. As a direct result of the magazine, many prisoners have been inspired to take up guitar. Music as a force for good inspired Fender Guitars to generously donate many brand new Acoustic Guitars, which have been distributed across the seven prisons. 

“If we want to see safer communities, less victims of crime and a reduction in recidivism, we need more initiatives like Aux, now more than ever, initiatives that see the person not the prisoner and create the space for transformation.” 

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