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Introducing The InHouse Podcast

InHouse Film Maker & Producer Will Hood, has put together a rather special project. We are proud to introduce The InHouse Podcast, a podcast about creativity and confinement. A collection of interviews with InHouse Graduates who are artists about the role creativity played in helping them survive prison and transform their lives.

Recognising the severity of criminal acts and their far reaching societal implications, the podcasts aim is not to excuse - but to better understand the environments and challenges faced by those who find themselves in Her Majesty’s Prisons, through conversation and engaging dialogue.

InHouse Records is a Community Interest Company working collaboratively with HMPPS, Residents of HMPPS and Graduates of InHouse Records to bring about the space for positive change to take place..#music#journal#educational#engagement#covidー19#dangeroulsypositive#InHouseRecords

“If we want to see safer communities, less victims of crime and a reduction in recidivism, we need more initiatives like The InHouse Podcast, now more than ever, initiatives that see the person not the prisoner and create the space for transformation.” 

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