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The Label - that changes lives

The goal of InHouse Records, founded by the Royal College of Art’s (RCA) full honours Masters graduate Judah Armani, was to design and implement a more vocationally based programme of skills development, education and work, within the prison that could lead to new opportunities outside as well as improve prisoner behaviour within the prison service.

The design approach involved a collaborative effort with prisoners & prison staff of Her Majesty's Prison,  designers from the senior faculty of the RCA and business development and strategy from Ernst and Young (EY) throughout. The outcome was the design of a fully functional record label, created with and by the prisoners. 

 InHouse Records, works in partnership with Universal Records, Fender Guitars, Roland Instruments, the Ministry of Justice. The label’s goal is to help improve prisoners’ attitude and behaviour by providing work experience with transferable skills and industry-accredited qualifications, all under the umbrella of the record industry, which is able to capture prisoners’ imaginations and fuel their commitment. Outside prison, the label seeks to reduce reoffending and create safer, crime-free communities, and release music with purpose and soul. 





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In my second year on the Service Design course at the Royal College of Art (RCA), I was keen to explore the intersection of design thinking, social change, and enterprise. At the time, I had spent 18 months undertaking extensive research into the UK prison system, collecting insights from prisoners, officers and governors.....[click on heading]

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Took a leap of faith, look where we landed. Not quite free, but I’m no longer stranded. It’s all good as long as I have this ‘cos its music that helps when things are at its baddest,
— InHouse Member HMP December 2017

Worlds First

Reducing reoffending by providing prisoners with skills and job opportunities. In House Records is a functioning record label that we have launched in three UK prisons. It is transforming the behaviour of high risk prisoners and developing their skills and self esteem, and creating job opportunities for them on release......[click on heading]