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InHouse Records, a different kind of Record Label

We are an award winning social initiative, with a proven track record of creating positive change for society. InHouse Records reduces the recidivism rate.

InHouse Records is a rehabilitative record label for change. Operating in and out of UK prisons across the South East of England since 2017.


Our work in prisons exponentially increases positive behaviour [428%] and our impact on the outside is crystallised by a re-offending rate that is less than 1%. Working with Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service & The Ministry of Justice we look to bring change in the most challenging circumstances. 


InHouse is multi award winning Record Label for change having been awarded the NatWest Social Enterprise Trailblazer Award, The iF Global Impact Award, The London Design Gold Award, multiple Koestler Awards and the NOW Spotlight Award for Aux Magazine our response to the global pandemic for the thousands of prisoners. 

Social Capital, Relationships,
Networks & spiralling Mobility 

Our learning platform, "Continuum" has been co-created with Ernst & Young and the Royal College of Art, nurturing core competencies, that enhance recovery capital, foster better relationships & encourage healthier  networks and spiralling mobility.

InHouse looks to build relationships through the aspiration of music. Ultimately, creatively heals. 

safe & enabling environments, focusing on what's strong not what's wrong

InHouse began as an agile response from Judah Armani, whilst studying at the Royal College of Art, wanting to contribute design skills in order to reducing the re-offending rate.


In 2015 he undertook two years of ethnographic research, literature research and best practice sharing with officers, governors, prisoners and probation officers and resulted in InHouse Records being established in 2017.


Co-Created with adversity in mind, this has enabled InHouse to thrive in challenging circumstances. Neil Sartorio has worked tirelessly to forge relationships and build partnerships that allow InHouse to operate on the outside, from live music venues to radio stations.


InHouse’s success has been built on the “InHouse Way” Choice, Relationship and Music. The choice architecture to choose what to learn, the relationships formed through learning and the aspiration of music to bring it all together. 

InHouse Records is a social enterprise directed by Neil Sartorio & Judah Armani.


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